Thursday, January 18, 2007

Long Term Care Act: Bill 140

Another meeting has called me. Today the Family Council for Leisureworld was meeting. These councils must exist, according to Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care legislation. I thought I would attend, since Brian had physiotherapy in town. I came out of the meeting the Chair of the Council. It would keep me focused and give me some real work to do. They are advisory boards to be a voice for those who could not voice their own issues. It was made up of family members of residents. Before the meeting I popped in to see what dad was up to – he was asleep. A worker told me he had refused breakfast.

The meeting went well. They have some concerns about the new LHIN committee and the legislation: Bill 140, the Ontario Long Term Home Care Act. Typical of politicians: they dream up new rules, with no money to support the institutions, which must fulfill the new policies. The bill was created because of a media release of a videotaped physical abuse incident. Again, a knew-jerk reaction to an event - the politicians must not do something worthwhile, they simply must be seen doing something about a problem. They want to rush this legislation through and have given little time for discussion. There would be a provincial election soon. The legislation was put forward by one person, given the task of coming up with a plan, she responded with something to make the politicians look good.

Bill 140 demands more vigilance, more red tape and more rules. If staff was not already following the rules, then what was to prevent them from doing the same or worse, despite more threats of funding cuts? Ontario standards provide for 2.5 hours of care per day per resident but this lags behind Manitoba and Saskatchewan, who both have over 3 hours per day per. Staff are already hard pressed to meet demands.

Issues revolve around the lack of staff.

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