Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Note to staff

I put a note on dad’s light.

Dear staff,
Dad is in Palliative Care. He is to be kept as comfortable as possible.
Please do not move him unnecessarily. If he does not want to eat, please leave him alone. Getting him in and out of bed agitates him, as well as causing him pain. If you do get him up for a meal, please get him back to bed ASAP.

I have brought in some pillows as the head of his bed should be elevated. He has always had back problems and we bought a support for under his knees, as well as an Obus form for his neck.

When he sits in his chair he cannot support his head. Plese put the Obus form around his neck after a meal.

He has pressure sores which make sitting difficult.

His symptoms include:

Intercranial Pressure – which result in headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty speaking, restlessness, confusion.
He cannot hear, he has lost both his hearing aids and his glasses.

Aside from the brain tumour that is growing and sucking nourishment from brain cells, he has severe arthritis in his knees and edema in his feet. The pain from these two physical issues alone have been terrible.

His pain is increasing and there is no reason not to expect it to continue to get worse.

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