Thursday, January 1, 2009

in stores now!

Here is a great photo, taken by my husband, of us: Penny & Jenny!Penny & Jenny

Despite the stress of the season, and a downturn in the economy and a slow summer for tourism, two local stores have been kind enough to take in consignment copies of my book.

Any book store can order the book in for customers, as well. My close family friend in Kingston is ordering the book, and has offered to host us if we go for a book signing!

While I will never make money on this book, I am glad that they are helping me spread the word about caring for ailing parents, caregiver stress, and Health Care patients who need a navigator.

I wanted to put out the information I learned from researching the issues I faced helping my parents navigate their way through ill-health to palliative care. Many have expressed an interest in reading my perspective.

I love Penny Varney's store in Gravenhurst. She carries a fair number of her own beautiful jewelry, as well as unique works from other artisans in the area. Penny is a wonderful member of the community. She participates in all aspects of the business community, as well as working hard to help close friends. She regularly donates her work to various groups and causes. I met her while singing in The Cellar Singers.

Right next door is The Book Store, where you can also find my book! It is so exciting launching this project. I can't wait for mt first book signing. I guess I will have to, though, as many of our neighbours have gone south for the winter!

I have been blogging about it. Sending information to family and friends. I have offered copies to local libraries, hospices, hospitals, and have had a great response. Those for whom I have offered a 'review copy' have been kind enough to purchase it to help me out. I printed 1500 copies.