Saturday, February 7, 2009

book availability

I am so excited. I donated books to hospices, libraries, senior centres, senior advocacy groups, and local hospitals.

But it was with great excitement that I went to our local library, in Port Carling, one of My Town Monday posts, to see the book featured on the shelf.

A friend in LTC has been passing some on. A friend of hers said she, "couldn't put it down!", which is great to hear! A memoir is a difficult thing to write. You try not to be too sappy, especially with this topic, or to depressed, despite being on anti-depressants at the time. I loaded it with humour, since "laughter is the best medicine" and we laughed at our antics, and my dad's, all the time.

I did so much research, and included a glossary and acronyms page to help those in similar circumstances. For those going through the health care system, this will help them navigate. Another target audience: those working with seniors at home or in institutions, or those in palliative care. Students in the various industries would benefit from a family member's point of view of the health care system. My main target was family members in similar situations, however.

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