Monday, March 16, 2009

radio interview

On Monday I had an interview with CFRA Ottawa regarding my book. It will air Monday, March 23. The book can be ordered in by any bookstore, or check out GSPH, my publisher.

I taped myself in 3 parts:
  1. Why did I write the book?
  2. Book Content
  3. Resources available for seniors

580 CFRA News Talk Radio

On Target Ottawa, is an information hour hosted by Shelley McLean between 5 and 6am. Shelley has the news headlines, entertainment and health news, ...


  1. I've read a few of your different blogs and I think it is really good what you have tried to do. Life is definitely about taking bad experiences and using them to produce good experiences. Nothing can change what has happened, but there are things that can change what will happen. Kind of the macrocosmic "if you get lemons, make lemonade" mentality." thanks for the encouragement and reinforcement. I take pleasure in reading yoru thoughtful comments.

  2. Thank you, Andrew. Your blog is inspiring.

  3. I just ordered your book. My FIL lived with us during the time he found out he was dying from lung cancer. It was not easy watching him decline.

    I miss him dearly and would do it all again if at all possible. I am so looking forward to my Amazon package.


  4. Thank you for ordering the book, Cecilia! I self-published - I really felt it a important story to tell. There was little information on death and dying from a family/caregiver point of view. There is much written about fighting cancer. There comes a time when you need to love, heal and accept a diagnosis. Quality of life is an important issue to me.

  5. Aloha, Jenn:
    Are you familiar with Doug Smith's "Being a Wounded Healer?"

    My Dad is transitioning now. What a rollercoaster ride!

    Would you consider trading signed copies of our books? Yours sounds neccessary - mine has value that touches readers. Thanks for visitng my blog comfort Spiral.

  6. I am not familiar with that book.

    My condolences about your dad. It was so tough.

    I would trade books with you, Cloudia! I am attending a grief/palliative care conference on Sat. and I am doing that very thing with another writer!

    Great idea!


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