Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book signing - #1

I had a great time talking with friends.
One friend, on her way to Gravenhurst for a wedding, popped in to see me. We had never met, except on-line.

Jacqueline, the store owner, set up a lovely display in the window, as well as a table with an antique, red velvet chair for me. I felt like a queen.

What a pleasure to be at Gravenhurst's Book Store.
A dear friend of my parent's came in, since she had seen the ad, and I met some very nice people. One of my books we sold to a dad looking for a present for his daughter who is taking a Health Care Aide course. I was so pleased. the book really helps people like that, as well as other Primary Care staff, to work with failing seniors and their family members.

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